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Project by Wai Hin Wong

We know more about outer space than the ocean. Only 5% of the ocean has been explored and charted. The rest remains unknown. Machines are the way to fight against the mystery and melancholy amongst the universe. The aim of the project is to create an aquatic wearable vehicle that allows the human body to gain a better experience of the ocean in a longer diving time & depth, and faster speed .... like an aquatic creature.

Sea Jetpack Mk.I Prototype 05

The jetpack has 4 major components: thruster, dive tank, battery, and controller. All the parts are carefully sealed so that it can withstand the water pressure under 30ft. The thrusters can generate more than 20kg thrust power that allows the human body to travel at the speed around 1-2 meters per second under the water. The wire seal controller can control the distribution of the power to thrusters that allow human body can go left, right, forward, backward in the water.

Prototype Safety Inspection at Yale CCAM

Before the prototype undergoes testing, it is required to undergo a safety inspection. The school has assigned the safety engineer, John Campbell, to inspect it and provide advice for further development, Prototype 07.

The First Prototest at Bethel, CT

At the start of the prototype test, the operator, Wai Hin Wong, held the rope connected to the hanging dial scale to measure the maximum output that the jetpack can generate underwater. The second test is to examine the balance of the jetpack and the body performance underwater.