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Reach Out


Reach Out is an experiment on a timeless philosophical inquiry - one's being in the world -  through a personal VR experience. 

It highlights the hand as an everyday instrument of embodiment. The hand protrudes out from our torso; it senses, manipulates, and projects our will onto the world. In "A Thousand Brains," Jeff Hawkins introduces a novel theory of consciousness, emphasizing the importance of reference frames to our inherent sense of self. What if we could invert the reference frame, and the hands? 

The project explores the potential of immersive machines to be more than an imitation of reality - what questions can we start asking by strategically distorting and altering familiar interactions?

Reach out your hands toward yourself.

Project by 

Kai Feng Wu

Advised by Dana Karwas

Workshop with Sarah Oppenheimer Oct. 2022

Machine as Medium Exhibition Nov. 2022

Cinema as a Protective Medium lecture by Francesco Casetti in Berlin 2023

Machine as Medium Exhibition Oct. 2023

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