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Project Intent

To create a lightweight, rigid, and exapndable structure that supports human and plant interaction. FloraGami is a project that sup- ports plant growth on folded surfaces.

Seeds embedded within sheets of paper are transported into space dry and collapsed. When a small amount of water is introduced to FloraGami, both the folded vessel and the seeds bloom together; as the Flora blooms, the Kami unravels simultaneously.

Project Description

The project appropriates the whirlpool spiral folding pattern (originally by Tomoko Fuse) as a growing medium in zero-g conditions.

The experiment hypothesizes that the golden angles provided by the folding pattern provides two essential considerations for life in space; light exposure and growth patterns.

The golden ratio between each unfolded polygon will provide optimal exposure to multi-directional light sources. Additionally, by mimicking the same growth pattern found in nature (pinecones, sunflowers, artichokes etc), the project hopes to introduce resilience in the wildflowers grown in zero-g.

With these considerations in mind, the project combines 10 whirlpool spiral modules to form a central and omnidirectional growing sphere.


Wildflower seed embedded paper 
Double Sided Tape
Super Glue
Project by 

Kevin Wong


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