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Thursday, April 27

2:30-3pm: Check-In

Attendees receive an Ultra Space tote + lanyard!
3-4:30pm: PRESENTATION: Papers and Projects for the Ultra Space Printed Volume

Featuring: AJ Artemel, Domenica Bucalo, Mollie Caffey, Annabel Castro + Genoveva Castro, Joshua Clayton, Filippa Christofalou, Karno Dasgupta, Mari Kroin, Verneda Lights, Ana María Gómez López, Irene Loughlin, Conor MacVarish, Mona Mahall + Asli Serbest, Emily Tate Moreu, Jeff Ostergren, Emmy Thelander
5-6:30pm: OPENING: Exhibition Opening & Reception: Artworks, Artist Lightning Talks, + Zine Fair

Featuring: Alvin Ashiatey (CCAM/Yale School of Art Postgraduate Fellow), Aleksa Milojević + Amelia Gates (Ultra Space Student Researchers), Che-Wei Wang (artist, designer, architect, + Co-Founder, CW&T)
7-8pm: Live Performance of Latency

A fractal, multi-modal semi-opera for one performer that attempts to theatricalize the effects of extreme isolation in time and space on the human mind and body.

By Liam Bellman-Sharpe (composer, sound designer, orchestrator, + music director
Friday, April 28

9:30-10am: Check-In

Attendees receive an Ultra Space tote + lanyard!
10-10:30am: Opening & Ultra Space: Terra Cosma Film Screening

CCAM Director Dana Karwas will open the symposium with a mini-manifesto, followed by a screening of the short film Ultra Space: Terra Cosma
10:30-11:30am: PANEL DISCUSSION: What Do You See? An Interdisciplinary Discussion of a Work by Arakawa + Gins

A group of artists, scientists, and scholars will gather around an Arakawa and Gins printed artwork and be asked to answer the following question: What do you see? Panelists will discover interconnected thoughts through this interdisciplinary conversation. The artwork will only be known to two of the five panelists beforehand.

Featuring: Mae-ling Lokko (Assistant Professor, Yale School of Architecture), ST Luk (Project Manager, Reversible Destiny Foundation), Priya Natarajan (Professor of Astronomy and of Physics, Yale University), Matthew Suttor (Professor in the Practice of Sound Design, David Geffen School of Drama at Yale), Miwako Tezuka (Associate Director, Reversible Destiny Foundation), + moderated by Lauren Dubowski (CCAM Assistant Director)

11:45am-12:45pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: Body/Cyborg/Alien? Embodying What’s Out There

What do you do when you find an alien? How do we know what to look for? What is the possibility of the first contact being a machine? What does it mean if we recognize a technosignautre on another planet? What is a technosignature, anyway? How is the present limiting our own thinking? How do we communicate with what we find?

Featuring: Sydney Skybetter (Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown University), Elise Morrison (Assistant Professor of Theater Studies, Yale University), Ravi Kumar Kopparapu (Research AST, Planetary Studies, NASA), + moderated by Harshita Nedunuri (CCAM Ultra Space Research Fellow)

1:15-2:30pm: WORKSHOP: Manipulations

What offsets exists betteen perceived space and projected space? What is that space in between? What feedback can be used to navigate and connect these two spaces? Using the motion capture system at CCAM, Manipulations will investigate these questions and more by building and solving the “puzzle creature,” a hands-on puzzle that exists in two spaces at once.

Instructors: Dana Karwas (CCAM Director + Critic, Yale School of Architecture), Sarah Oppenheimer (Critic, Yale School of Art), Alvin Ashiatey

2:45-4pm: LIVE PERFORMANCE: Composition in Frozen Time

A new composition inspired by this quote from György Ligeti: “I favor musical forms that are less process-like and more object-like. Music as frozen time, as an object is an imaginary space that is evoked in our imagination through music itself.”

By Konrad Kaczmarek (Associate Professor Adjunct of Music, Yale University)

4:15-5:30pm: WORKSHOP: Performance Rituals for Bodies in Space

The majority of earth-bound architecture is about building volumes. Architects use volumes to deploy forms that are systems of control into which a person’s body enters. But even the most celebrated architectural volumes tend to present themselves as universal in how they activate the body, thus reducing all of them to neutral architectural experiences. But what is volume? What is its potential for the body in the environment of weightlessness? How do we design for the lived experience of space?

*Child-friendly with parent collaboration.

Instructors: Dana Karwas, Harshita Nedunuri

5:45-6:45pm: Closing: Living In Space

Featuring: Ariel Ekblaw (Founder + Director, MIT Space Exploration Initiative + Co-Founder + CEO, Aurelia Institute), Dana Karwas, Viktoria Modesta (bionic pop artist, creative director + body architect), + moderated by Harshita Nedunuri