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Thursday, April 27 + Friday, April 28

Located in the CCAM lobby and hallway, this exhibition of objects, films, and other experiences that reflect our place in the cosmos will be on display throughout the symposium.


Isle of Reversible Destiny—Fukuoka, 2003
Digital rendering

Poster for Containers of Mind Foundation, ca. 1980s
Poster, ink on paper


Aylin Alakbarli
Mavi, 2021
Animation, 1’06”

Dana Karwas
Ultra Space: Terra Cosma, 2022

Does space exploration always have to involve shiny white orbs? How can we open up the conversation and connect it back to life on earth? To explore these questions and more, a group of artists, designers, and researchers collaboratively create the Terra Cosma Suit and take it on a zero-gravity flight.

Ultra Space: Terra Cosma was awarded Best Documentary at the 2023 Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival.

Georges Méliès
Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip to The Moon), 1901
Film, 11’49”

Testimonials From Voyage, A Session To Remember, 2019
Film, 5’50”

A group of people were hypnotized by Nahum. During the trance state, a false memory was created in their minds of walking on the Moon. This video captures what they remember.
Tamara Shogaolu
Echoes of Silence, 2022

An animated, immersive experience that explores our relationship with the stars by taking audiences on a visual and sonic journey through time and space. You will hear “star sounds” from various cultures to experience alternative decolonial portrayals of space. This project was originally conceived as a full-dome experience and exhibited at

Deborah Stratman
Laika, 2021
Film, 4’33”

Some forms we can only know by their shadow.  In homage to the spirits of space test dogs, or any being we use in the name of progress.

This video was made by invitation of composer Olivia Block for the release of her album Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea.

Leslie Thornton
Strange Space, 1993
Film, 3’53”

This collaborative work, created specifically for the 1992 Day Without Art/AIDS Awareness Day, addresses what Thornton terms "the relationship between the medicalization of the body and the personal." While the actor Ron Vawter reads aloud from a poem by Rilke, a doctor is heard discussing Vawter's medical condition. Medical photographs of internal organs and images of the moon's surface create landscapes of inner and outer space. This haunting rumination suggests the disparity between medical interpretations and personal experiences of physicality and mortality.

Lanesville UFO Incident, 1976
Video, 8’00”

A segment produced for radical early video collective Videofreex’s unlicensed broadcast television station, Lanesville TV, a weekly broadcast that was one of the first American pirate stations of its type. Using a DIY luma keyer by Videofreex member Chuck Kennedy to approximate a flying saucer, that was 2 affixed falsies, the group conscripted neighbors to participate in a mock news report about the “sighting”, capturing the feel of Catskills local color in the process. The segment was produced by Videofreex with collaborators including Ruth Rotko & John Keeler, who worked on a spate of subsequent UFO-related video pieces, before wandering off into their own, wildly divergent careers.