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Thursday, April 4

*ISOVIST gallery open for viewing 10am–6pm

Welcome + Reception

​​Premiere Concert of Studies in Automation: Guitar Quartet by Konrad Kaczmarek

  • Dana Karwas, Konrad Kaczmarek, Composer, Instrument Designer + Associate Professor (Adjunct), Music, Yale University


Launch of the symposium and the CCAM ISOVIST gallery—plus the reveal of the Spring 2023 CCAM Ultra Space Printed Volume!

  • Dana Karwas, CCAM Director + Critic, Yale School of Architecture
  • Ben Simon, CCAM Computer Art Fellow
  • Lauren Dubowski, CCAM Assistant Director

Friday, April 5 (continued)

*ISOVIST gallery open for viewing 10am–6pm


Call for Papers Presentations

Experience interdisciplinary research papers and projects in response to the work of Arakawa+Gins.

  • Gabe Darley, M. Arch I Candidate, Yale School of Architecture
  • Eric Fleischmann
  • Vignesh Hari Krishnan, Designer
  • Verneda Lights, CEO, E-graphX Omnimedia
  • Irene Loughlin, Artist
  • Andrea Miller, Aquatic Scientist + Documentary Producer
  • Jess Nash, Postgraduate Associate in Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine
  • Alexander Ross, Research Affiliate, Film and Media Studies, Yale University
  • Cynthia Rubin, Artist in Residence, Menden-Deuer Lab, University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography
  • Yayoi Shionoiri, Art Lawyer
  • Wei Wu, Director, XR Artist , NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study
  • Michelle Binyan Xu, Producer, XR Artist, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
  • Adrian Yu, Artist + Director + Creative Director

Lunch + Ultra Space Projects

Join us for lunch and Ultra Space project presentations by CCAM Fellow Kaifeng Wu, CCAM Studio Fellow Wai Hin Wong, and other students from the Ultra Space course taught by Dana Karwas, CCAM Director + Critic, Yale School of Architecture and Ariel Ekblaw, CEO + Co-Founder of the Aurelia Institute.


Living Forever in the Arakawa+Gins Reversible Destiny Lofts

Featuring a Movement Surprise by Elise Morrison, Assistant Professor, Theater and Performance Studies, Yale University

Can architecture help you live forever? Arakawa and Gins’ Reversible Destiny Lofts—Mitaka (In Memory of Helen Keller) explore this question in the context of modern apartment living in Tokyo. Hear how artists, architects, and curators have encountered this multisensory experience—and imagine how you would, too.  

  • Momoyo Homma, Executive Director, Reversible Destiny Foundation and Arakawa+Gins Tokyo office
  • Takashi Ikegami, Director, Takashi Ikegami Lab + Professor, University of Tokyo
  • Dana Karwas, CCAM Director + Critic, Yale School of Architecture
  • ST Luk, Projects Manager, Reversible Destiny Foundation
  • Harshita Nedunuri, Transdisciplinary Designer + Researcher, CCAM Ultra Space Research Fellow
  • Koichi Tsutsui, Lead Architect, Mitaka Lofts

Human-Like with Takashi Ikegami

Enter the mind of complexity scientist Takashi Ikegami. His University of Tokyo lab explores the possibility of Artificial Life being “larger than biological life.” What can we learn from a human-like robot pretending to be a snake?

  • Takashi Ikegami, Director, Takashi Ikegami Lab + Professor, University of Tokyo

Blade Runner 2049: Effecting the Future

Academy-nominated VFX supervisor Habib Zargarpour will conclude the Spring 2024 CCAM Ultra Space Symposium. A live demo by Habib, together with director/VFX artist Setareh Samandari, will feature the latest VFX techniques and processes. Not to be missed!  

  • Habib Zargarpour, Visual Effects Artist, Blade Runner 2049
  • Setareh Samandari, Director + Visual Effects Artist